Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Guardian Energy Management Solutions is a certified installer for AeroVironment’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions. As more electric vehicles hit the road, Guardian is helping commercial, municipal and residential customers by installing a state of the art EV charging station designed to keep vehicles running.

Guardian offers turn-key Electric Vehicle Charging Station solutions through the Aerovironment installation network in New England. Our electricians are trained to evaluate the best location for your new EV charging station, and will install the desired electric car charging station solution according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that you are guaranteed the highest level of craftsmanship throughout the installation process, and our installation guarantees your warranty will be in full force.

Aerovironment’s EV Charging Station solutions include:

  • Residential EV Charging Station
  • Retail/Commercial EV Charging Station
  • Fleet Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Multi-Unit Home Electric Car Charging Station
  • At Work Electric Car Charging Station

​Environment’s EV Charging Station is manufactured using high quality materials. Installation of the Electric Car Charging Station is simple, but should be performed by a certified installation specialist like Guardian Energy Management Solutions.

Check out our press release on Maynard’s Public Charging Station!

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