Energy Efficient Lighting

Example: 10 parking lot light pole lights with a 455W Metal Halide lamp can be retrofit with a new 137W LED fixture (a 70% reduction in energy). The LED fixture provides greater light output and can save over $2000 annually in electricity costs.

With the advancement in LED technology for indoor and outdoor lighting products, reduced costs and new energy efficiency incentives from local utility providers, LED lighting fixtures and retrofit kits are fast becoming the mainstream solution for lighting.

If you are looking to upgrade your indoor or outdoor lighting, contact us to discuss the LED options that are available for your facility.  For more information or to schedule a free lighting audit, please contact us today!

For most facilities, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting represents the single largest cost for a building’s electrical consumption. The first step in our process is to document your existing lighting system through a lighting audit. A professional lighting audit evaluates which options should be considered for a comprehensive energy efficient lighting retrofit. Guardian offers a detailed energy efficiency audit that includes a room by room analysis that includes:

  • Existing Fixture, lamp & ballast type
  • Existing Input Wattage per fixture
  • Existing annual hours of usage
  • Proposed Fixture, lamp & ballast type (energy efficiency lighting)
  • Proposed Input Wattage per fixture
  • Proposed annual hours of usage (by adding occupancy sensors)
  • Utility incentive per fixture
  • Total reduction in kWh annually
  • Total reduction in utility cost annually
  • Return on investment percentage
  • How many years it will take to pay back

Most utility companies offer lucrative energy efficient lighting incentives for very specific lighting retrofit measures. Guardian is a key partner within these energy efficiency lighting incentive programs, and understands how to obtain energy efficient lighting incentives to reduce the overall project cost. Most lighting retrofits will pay for themselves in 18 months to 3 years’ time.

Since Guardian offers turnkey lighting retrofit services, we document our findings and submit all of the necessary utility incentive paperwork that will match the utilities required energy efficient lighting requirements on your behalf.A sample audit is displayed below.

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