Building Automation

A typical Energy Management Software (EMS) solution is also known as a DDC (Direct Digital Control) system or Building Automation Control software.  A typical solution consists of number of devices and controllers that are installed onto a specific set of equipment,  networked together and then programmed utilizing a front end software program. This provides end user with access to their HVAC system allowing the ability to monitor and control the equipment.

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and lighting equipment are two of the most common systems that are considered for automation. Most HVAC and lighting systems are controlled by manual or simplistic programmable devices that offer limited capabilities and very little information on the system’s actual performance.

If your building is not being controlled by an energy management system, you may have the opportunity to massive energy and maintenance savings. Guardian can help you to:

  • Design and engineer a new system.
  • Design and engineer around an existing system.
  • Install, program and commission the new system.
  • Develop strategies around your system to reduce energy usage.

Once the Energy Management Software is installed, the front end software system can allow you to:

  • Track equipment and energy usage
  • Create alerts for failed equipment or when a set parameter is met
  • Manage and control equipment 24/7 from a web based front end
  • Develop occupancy schedules for equipment
  • Create unoccupied schedules for equipment
  • Incorporate strategies to reduce energy consumption and demand charges
  • Access information and reports to evaluate building and equipment usage
  • Improve maintenance scheduling and reduce repair costs​

Most utility companies offer an incentive to buy down the cost of installing a new Energy Management Software system, or expand an existing system.


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