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Guardian Energy Management Solutions offers comprehensive Building Envelope and Weatherization service and solutions that help decrease utility costs and improve the comfort of your building. Is your building poorly insulated or does it require an insulation study? Guardian Energy Management Solutions is here to assist.

Many buildings were not properly insulated or weatherized during the initial construction phase. In some cases, older buildings lack the insulation required in today’s standards for overall building envelope and weatherization codes.  With massive seasonal changes in weather, New England’s property owners and facility managers have set higher standards to meet building codes. Common projects include doors, windows, insulation and other components that affect utility consumption and overall operating costs.

In many cases, the utility provides incentive funding to help pay for building envelope and weatherization projects that can reduce energy usage (up to $1.50 per therm saved).  Guardian Energy’s energy auditors will document their findings and prepare your utility incentive application for review by your local electric and/or natural gas company.

Guardian’s energy audit team will evaluate your building to assess where air is infiltration and how to prevent energy loss. In many cases, very simple solutions can provide significant financial benefits in energy savings. Our audit includes a detailed overview, photographs and an action plan to resolve areas of concern.

Once the project has been approved for incentive funding, and you have approved the project, Guardian will schedule a date to implement the measures. Our staff will coordinate installation to ensure your normal course of business is not affected, and we provide the highest level of quality.

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