The Problem

Charter NEX Films existing high bay high output fluorescent lighting was inefficient, costly and was not meeting the needs of the business. Combined with an increase in failing fixtures and maintenance costs, Charter NEX Films was seeking a way to improve its overall lighting while reducing operational costs.

The Solution

After performing a detailed lighting audit and evaluating the buildings use, Guardian Energy Management Solution recommended and installed 144 new Flex Essentials Series LED high bays with occupancy sensors.  Not only does this save energy usage, but the new LED fixtures last 7 to 10 times longer than the old fixtures.  

Project Details

As a company that operates 24/7, Charter NEX Films relies heavily on their lighting to maintain production.  Guardian’s detailed energy audit offered an analysis from both an operational and financial perspective. This included a detailed list and location for each new LED fixture, a comparison of energy usage between old and new fixtures, utility incentives to reduce the project cost, and the annual cost savings with a return on investment. 

Project Highlights

  • 65% energy reduction
  • New LEDs that are virtually maintenance free
  • Over 180,000 kWh saved
  • 40% return on investment or payback in 2.51 years
  • $ 28,700 in utility incentives we’re applied to reduce the final cost

Project Photos

Check out before and after photos of our new lighting design









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