The Problem

The buildings existing conditions consisted of a marginally functional pneumatic and stand-alone mixture of control systems.  Making the previous boilers inefficient, over sized, and offered no network connectivity or control.  The existing three Teledyne Laars 600 MBH gas fired hot water boilers offered 70% thermal efficiency, while the existing 60-gallon atmospheric natural gas heater functioned roughly at 70% AFUE.

The Solution

Guardian Energy replaced two of the existing boilers with a new 95% efficient condensing boiler and 1/6 HP pump primary circulator to provide higher heating efficiency, lower pumping energy, the ability to control the boilers with the BAS, and lower standby losses due to the smaller, better insulated boiler tanks.

Project Details

Guardian Energy provided Milton Town Hall with the design, engineering and implementation of upgraded boilers and domestic hot water heater.   The upgraded boilers and upgraded hot water heater cut energy costs by over $3,000 annually and also qualified for $8,000 in Commercial Gas Rebates for the customer.

Project Highlights

Over $3,000 annual cost savings
$8,000 commercial gas rebate
3,572 annual therms saved

Project Photos

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