The Problem

The old Building Automation System, (BAS) only controlled the boiler room, and the boiler pumps only operated at a constant speed with no ability to reset hot water supply temperature based upon demand or outside air.  These limited controls resulted in higher than necessary energy use.

The Solution

Guardian Energy installed a new system to allow centralized, advanced control, focused on high performance operation.  This BAS will be responsible for providing the building wide energy saving functions, such as night time set back.  In addition, we installed variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control the operation of the two 15 HP heating water pumps based on return temperature.

Project Details

Guardian Energy provided Murdock Middle School and High School with the design, engineering, utility applications, software, material, programming, and installation for these upgrades. Resulting in the reduction in electrical and oil usage, leaving Winchendon with the complete control to monthly energy savings.

Project Highlights

  • Utility Incentive $5,500
  • Over $15,000 Annual Costs Savings
  • Over 7,000 Gallons of Oil Saved
  • Payback time frame 3.1 years

Project Photos

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