The Problem

Rockland Middle School and High School were having issues with their control board and RTU ducts.  It was observed that the RTU was alternating between heating and cooling mode in 10-20-minute cycles, which indicates controller board communication issues.  The old system was never designed to allow the reduction of airflow of these diffusers. Because the air flow was limited, the duct static built up beyond design constraints, causing leaks and disconnections between ductwork.

The Solution

Guardian Energy identified some great energy saving strategies for the Town of Rockland by replacing the old controller board with a completely compatible upgraded version of the JCI control board.  As well as adding in a by-pass duct between the supply and return lines that include a barometrically controlled damper that with regulate the pressure in the system.

Project Details

Guardian Energy provided Rockland Middle School and High School with retrocommissioning of their two-story, 271,523 square foot facility in Rockland, MA with the goal of reducing energy consumption and costs.  During our visits, major equipment was studied and tested for proper operation. The results of this investigation were developed into a Corrective Actions Log (CAL) that helps the building operator better understand how and what requires attention.

Project Highlights

  • Over $6,000 of annual savings
  • 41,000 kWh saved
  • 529 therms saved

Project Photos

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