The Problem

Whirlpool had several challenges with the lighting on the plant floor. The light levels were inadequate for the tasks being performed, and portions of the floor were lit 24/7, regardless if they were occupied or not, resulting in excess costs. In addition, the plant lighting required frequent replacement of lamps and ballasts which was pulling the Whirlpool maintenance staff away from its core task of maintaining manufacturing machines. With Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to sustainability and lighting requirements, the new lighting system not only needed to save energy, but also needed to increase the light levels and needed to dramatically reduce maintenance.

The Solution

Guardian Energy Management Solutions installed an adaptive technology high bay LED lighting system for 476 of the fixtures in the warehouse. Each new light would have an integral occupancy sensor that dims the light level to 50% of the normal output during unoccupied times. This ‘dimming’ strategy not only increases the overall energy savings, it prolongs the life of each light which significantly reduces maintenance for years to come.

Project Details

Guardian Energy Management Solutions has completed an extensive lighting retrofit at the Whirlpool Corporation facility in Fall River, MA. The 300,000 square foot state-of-the-art engineering and design center manufactures coin-operated industrial and specialty laundry equipment. In November of 2016, Guardian began the processes of auditing the facility and evaluating options for lighting retrofit. The project was completed in September 2017 with outstanding results.

Project Highlights

  • 53% reduction in electrical use for the plant lighting.
  • 44% of the project cost paid for in utility incentives
  • A 38% increase in plant floor light levels
  • The new LED lighting is virtually maintenance free
  • A 34% Return on Investment Rate

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