Utility Incentive Project Funding

Guardian specializes in helping customers utilize energy efficiency incentive programs that can provide a substantial reduction in project cost for qualifying measures. Guardian helps develop each project, completes the necessary paperwork and submits the information that is required to qualify for incentive rebates. As a prequalified vendor under the National Grid and NStar energy efficiency programs, we have helped a wide variety of customers secure incentive funding.

In some instances, utility incentive funding like those offered through MassSave can help reduce project costs by as much as 70%. On average, we see incentives that can help buy down project costs in the 25%-50% range. This cost reduction helps create a rapid return on investment for business owners, facility managers or government officials, and brings cost savings back to the bottom line. Incentives can range from hundreds of dollars for small projects or into the six figure range for large energy savings projects.

Our energy efficiency auditors are familiar with the process, and we provide turn key support ensuring you receive the utility incentive funding you rightly deserve! If you are a customer of NStar, National Grid, Western Mass Electric Company (MWECO) or other privately run utility companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New York or New Hampshire, you may be eligible for energy efficiency project incentives.

If you are considering upgrading your HVAC equipment, installing an automated control system, improving your lighting or other measures that can reduce your electric and/or natural gas usage, please contact us for assistance.  

Utility programs like MassSave are offering substantial utility incentive programs designed to help their customers invest in energy efficiency improvements. The key to any energy efficiency project is to fully understand how and if the project is qualified to receive utility incentive funding. Guardian will document and submit utility incentive applications to ensure your funding is received to buy down the cost of your energy efficiency projects. 

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