Ventilation Hoods

Guardian Energy Management Solutions provides energy saving kitchen and lab ventilation controls to facilities of all sectors throughout New England.  We can provide the following hood services:

Kitchen Hood Solution: The TEL Kitchen Hood VAV System Automatically varies the exhaust and supply air as the cooking demands change or when the presence of smoke or cooking effluence is detected. Varying the speed of the fan as your cooking loads change will save you money by reducing ventilation and air conditioning needs.

Laboratory Hoods: CAV airflow monitors and VAV airflow controls utilize a unique airflow sensor that is used to measure face velocities or duct velocities.

Automatic Sash Controller: Companies can maximize energy and cost savings and provide even greater safety for fume cupboard operators by introducing TEL’s innovative auto sash controller. It has been specifically designed to close the sash automatically when the operator is not present in front of the fume cupboard.

Industrial Hoods: Employers have a legal requirement to ensure their LEV system keeps working properly. It is fairly common that an LEV system will not work effectively when airflow falls because of build-up of material or damage to ducting. The LEV will become inadequate and control lost. TEL’s LEV monitor provides the reassurance that the flow-rate is being maintained, protecting your employees and alerting operators of any problems immediately.

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV): Is the energy recovery process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted building or space air and using it to treat (precondition) the incoming outdoor ventilation air in residential and commercial HVAC systems. During the warmer seasons, the system pre-cools and dehumidifies while humidifying and pre-heating in the cooler seasons. The benefit of using energy recovery is the ability to meet the ASHRAE ventilation & energy standards, while improving air quality and reducing total HVAC equipment capacity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 85% Energy Reduction
  • Average of 2 year payback period
  • Qualifies for Utility Incentives
  • Installs on existing hood
  • Variable ventilation control
  • Maintains conditioned air
  • Reduces fan noise
  • Increases equipment life
  • Improves safety
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